IAMH founded for you!

It was founded because we believe that in addition to your therapist, your meds doctor, your family and friends, your peer-support group, and whatever else you do for your illness, you need education. We're here to be your helping hand for your educational journey through mental illness. IAMH is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping YOU become an informed consumer and helping those around you understand and learn how they may best support you through the challenges you face.

Some of the information you may want will be here, on our website. Some may be in the outstanding resources provided by DBSA , NAMI , NIMH, CABF, and many others.

What sets IAMH apart is that we will also provide seminars--to support groups, community mental health agencies, and to teachers, pharmacists, therapists, and others who need continuing education credits. A new and exciting emphasis has been implemented at IAMH to broaden the educational process for people who suffer from mental illness. Most recently, Mr. Rossetti, Co-Founder of IAMH, has developed a new program entitled, "Bipolar Illness: Are psychiatric service animals the proper prescription for you?" This seminar depicts Mr. Rossetti's journey in his quest toward happiness, peace, tranquility and continued recovery with his bipolar illness. He will share with his audience how his dog Woodby's support and love has helped him during his difficult times.

At our seminars you will hear personal stories of success, listen to experts on a variety of treatments, discover how to start your own support group, and more. We can help you learn more about the management of depression and bipolar disorder. We will provide the helping hand you need to learn more about your options, about mental illness, and about mental health. Why? Because we believe you'll be healthier if you know the right questions to ask your doctor, if you understand all the options of support, and if you hear the successes of others with mental illnesses.

In July 2006, IAMH began the process and currently can proudly state we are a registered not-for-profit organization. We depend on many volunteers to help us with our mission. Watch for presentations in your area on our website.